In the Sari Market, individuals offer saris for sale, some 2nd hand, and some rare saris. It is our very own sari "flea market".
If you have the book "Saris: An Illustrated Guide to the Indian Art of Draping", and want to practice some of the styles requiring longer length, here is your chance to acquire some. The only place to buy 8 and 9 yard saris out of India.
Sari Safari is an online shop offering an easy way to buy an amazing variety of beautiful saris. Their choice includes exceptional handlooms in cotton and silk from all over India, including the South.
The top end of saris. You can order your own top-of-the line ($200 and above) Kanchipuram sari directly from Om Kailaash. These saris are especially recommended for weddings and special occasions. Check out
WEBSARI is a site selling saris from the USA, with an interesting collection of fashionable, traditional and rare saris.
Web site with saris, cholis, lots of Indian things and even sari-clad teddy bears!

updated: December 2004

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